Friends of Madina Village School,

Our lifelong dream of a school is reality, with 390 children and 13 teachers. It now has a new assembly hall and solar electricity. But coming from this reality is a very urgent need.

A toddler died in Madina on May 11 and one of our teachers is critically ill. A young girl near the school has unset broken bones in her hand, badly infected, putting her life at risk. The nearest medical care facility is over 40 miles from Madina Village, a trip that would take well over 3 hours travel. We lost two schoolgirls to malaria, and 89 more MVS students are chronically sick with this killer disease. We hope our malaria bed-net project will help, but we need a real clinic, not just the nurse’s office at the school.

A mini-hospital has been designed, costing $395,000, about the price of one lovely home in Indiana. But we despair that it could take months to raise that much money. These are real people and their suffering touches us deeply. We can’t wait for large donors or a traditional capital campaign.

We need to start now, even if it’s only a small clinic with one nurse. And we need many friends who pray along with giving. Any amount you feel led to give will go 100% to outfit a place for Madina families to get quick expert advice and treatment, to keep small problems from becoming life-threatening. Can you help us?

Use MadinaClinic.org/Donate 

Or mail a check to:

Madina Village School, Inc.

P.O. Box 15869 |Fort Wayne IN 46885

Francis & Bobbie Mustapha



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